About Us



A commitment to safety and quality starts at the top and echoes throughout our company. Since 1972, CUST-O-FAB has been proven and trusted as the go-to company for critical path ASME code fabrication projects with expedited deliveries – often within 24 hours. Our established reputation for safety, quality, efficiency and flexibility in meeting customer needs indicates our commitment to the clients we serve. In 2011, this responsiveness led to the launch of CUST-O-FAB Specialty Services, an elite group of petrochemical professionals with more than 100 years of combined industry experience. Their mission is to provide stellar maintenance and construction services including on-site exchanger extraction and installation, plant or unit turnaround services, specialty welding, and ASME code repairs or modifications (just to name a few). CUST-O-FAB is one of the top ASME code fabricators in the world – and with CUST-O-FAB Specialty Services we can match that reputation in providing critical path services at your site.

Accessibility and Responsiveness

Demand for energy and refined products continues to escalate. As the petrochemical and refining industries search for new raw resources both domestically and abroad, CUST-O-FAB is strategically positioned to respond to customer needs on a global scale.

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Quality Without Compromise

Customers have come to expect superior fabricated products and exceptional onsite service from CUST-O-FAB. We are extremely proud of this trust – and of the methods we employ to ensure excellence across the board.

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