Accessibility and Responsiveness


Accessibility & Responsiveness

Demand for energy and refined products continues to escalate. As the petrochemical and refining industries search for new raw resources both domestically and abroad, CUST-O-FAB is strategically positioned to respond to customer needs on a global scale. While our preference is to work with clients as collaborators on planned projects, we understand the need for an immediate response in emergency situations.

The company is situated near major interstates and railways, as well as the Tulsa International Airport. The Port of Catoosa is located within 30 miles of our shop.

For the convenience of our customers, CUST-O-FAB maintains a reputable staff of sales and customer service professionals in our home office.  In addition to our home office, we also have additional sales support professionals on the West and East Coast, as well as the Gulf Coast. For more information on our capabilities, contact us at any time.