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Exchanger Retube

CUST-O-FAB recently had the honor of helping a customer experiencing an emergency at their facility. CUST-O-FAB’s fabrication services team received a call for an emergency exchanger retube on a critical-path piece of equipment. Knowing that every minute counts when our customers have a unit down, we pooled resources between our Sand Springs, OK, and Beaumont, TX, fabrication shops. We successfully expedited an 11-day turnaround for the retube (standard fabrication for a project this size is 28 days).

Chemical - Ethylene

Stripping Column Condencer
(SCC Unit)

Project Type
Emergency - Fabrication

Project Duration
- 21 Days Expedited (Typically 28 days)

- Strip and Retube 62" x 384"
- Solid 304SS Fixed Tubesheet
- Exchanger with 3,000 Tubes

Business Unit
Fabrication Services

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